AGG Fund Grievance Reporting


Any person, community or organisation who is adversely impacted by AfricaGoGreen Fund LP can lodge a grievance against the fund, portfolio manager, an investee company or any other party related to the fund. Grievances should preferably contain the following information:

  1. The identity of the complainant(s): name(s), address(es) and other contact information;

  2. The identity of the individual, project or other party related to the fund against which the complaint is being made;

  3. A description of the issue; and

  4. A description of any action taken to date.

The persons who have lodged a grievance will be kept informed about expected response times and progress made in addressing grievances. The identity if the complainant will be kept confidential.​Grievances can be submitted by emailing . Any complaint submitted by email will be reviewed by the Fund E&S Officer and automatically shared with the Fund Advisory Committee for 3rd party review. ​Grievances can also be sent to the Portfolio Manager, or Advisory Committee by letter to:

E&S Officer
AfricaGoGreen Fund LP
LHGP Asset Management
130-132 Buckingham Palace Road
United Kingdom

AfricaGoGreen Fund LP
Siège social,
3 Rue Gabriel Lippmann,
5365, Munsbach,